Ingredients      : Romans 5:1-8, Psalm 8:1-9, 2 Tim 2:11-13

My name is CONDITION. I arrange all things so that they go accordingly. I watch over your life, your speech and even your behavior with a set of rules, hundreds of ethics and thousands of moral theories. I am an expert in this field. When you fall down, I am there needing no invitation, and I leave without bidding any farewell. Well, just like ghost. I come to remind you for the consequences of your recent sins. You are going to hell; your life is too filthy to be deemed acceptable. You do not meet the conditions. I am CONDITION. I will perpetually gnaw your mind with religious laws so that you will condemned and finally, lose hope.

Jesus Loves you Unconditionally!

You cannot run away from me. I have many associates with religious teachers, motivators and end times liars. There are 3 CONDITIONS to enter heaven, 4 CONDITIONS to be blessed, 5 CONDITIONS to receive healing… conditions… conditions and conditions… See…, my friends are plenty. Lots of CONDITIONS!

My name is CONDITION. You need me for your house mortgage. You need me to enter college and also you need “me” to download this application, that is, mobile phone. Hahaha… Now you are really surrounded! Hey…, I am everywhere. I slither around in cheap sermons and even in motivational theme books. Who can dismiss me? Who…???

My name is CONDITION. One day LOVE exposes me. LOVE is the paradox of me. Christ’s Love. Yeah… only Christ’s Love makes me feel useless. An UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which does not need my very existence and never demanding for reasons or qualifications. Christ’s love abates any condemnation and give you hope from your failures. Christ’s Love saves your life. And without this love, you will meet with me again. However, if you really realise that Jesus love you unconditionally, you are really free to enjoy this life.

My name is CONDITION. Only Christ’s Love defeats me.

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