Category         : Appertizer of Life

Description      : Yesterday cooked soup that suffocates this life

Ingredients      : Isaiah 43:19; Lamentations 3:21-23; Romans 8:1

My name is PAST. Among the three siblings, I am the youngest. My eldest brother is called FUTURE and my other brother is called PRESENT. As the youngest, I am often lost. I am so different with my eldest brother who is often nicknamed “Bright Future”, “Future Full of Hope”, while I, I am dark and full of bitter scars.  “Dark Past”, “Cruel Past or worse still they nicknamed me “Sinful Past.” There is no denial of what they say; they are all true. I cannot do much, all had happened. If there is a chance for me to change, I want to change. However, I was born “yesterday” and exist in the time dimension of history, while the wheel of life keeps rotating forward. Today and then tomorrow; while I, PAST, is only to be remembered and then forgotten. Where am I going with my life?

Masa Lalu Tidak Bisa Diubah Tetapi Bisa Ditukar Dengan Yesus

My name is PAST. I “already” happened. Regrets always come later; because if it comes in the beginning it is referred as registration. Ha-ha-ha… Sin and mistakes that I have committed cannot be altered or undo. They had happened, what is there to do? These are what always haunt and condemn me every day. Only if I were not like that, only if I did not choose to… Only if I were not an addict, only if I did not commit adultery, only if I did not disagree with my parents, only if… only if…

My name is PAST. One day, I met with someone. “I always want your past”, he softly whispers. “Hah!!!” I am so surprised but thankful at the same time. He does not want to change my past; He exchanges His life with my past. Jesus is willing to become my past so that if I were to look back, I see Him. I stop calling myself “Ex-Drug Addict”, “Ex-Adulterous”, “Ex-Sinner”. I am no longer an ex. Faraway there, far behind there, Jesus redeemed me with Himself. My gloomy dark past and life become as white as snow because of this divine exchange. Surely, Jesus becomes my past. In Christ, not only I have a new future, I also have a new past. Hallelujah!


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